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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CHANNEL WRITES: Thoughts of TV Crime Shows

TRUE DETECTIVE: (HBO) All eight episodes have already aired. It's dark. Really dark. But Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are great in their roles in the 'partners with baggage' trope.
LUTHER: (BBCAmerica) Idris Elba as a dirty cop with a heart of fool's gold. First season is longer and riveting. Second season builds off of it well. Available on Netflix.

THORNE MYSTERIES: (BBC America On Demand Comcast) You know him as the Governor. I remember him as The Next Doctor. But in between Dr. Who and The Walking Dead he played troubled Inspector Thom Thorne. There were two short seasons: Scaredycat and Sleepyhead. Sleepyhead is the better of the two. Aiden Gillen, aka Littlefinger on GAME of THRONES, is complicit in many of the questionable decisions Thorne makes. GIllen plays the CSI. 

These are my suggestions for binge watching.

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BLATANT SELF PROMOTION CORNER II: The Serpent Beneath the Flower has been nominated for a Derringer Short Fiction Award in the Novelette category. It was the third part of a trilogy in the Harry Landers PI series. You can check it out here: Nominee

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