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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grimm Tales

From the Untreed Reads description:

Grimm Tales is a collection of stories by some of the top names in online crime fiction, all based on classic fairy tales. As novelist Ken Bruen writes in his introduction, "Ever imagined what would have come down the dark pike if The Brothers Grimm were more Brothers Coen and wrote mystery?" The collection is edited by John Kenyon, editor of Grift magazine, and contains 17 stories by Patricia Abbott, Absolutely*Kate, Jack Bates, Eric Beetner, Nigel Bird, Loren Eaton, Kaye George, Blu Gilliand, Seana Graham, Eirik Gumeny, R.L. Kelstrom, John Kenyon, BV Lawson, Evan Lewis, B. Nagel, Sean Patrick Reardon and Sandra Seamans.

From me:

As a struggling writer, this is huge for me. I'm in with some of the best crime fiction writers around today. I can't thank John Kenyon enough for including my story, The Flying Trunk. I keep looking at the list of names and it still seems unreal that I'm in it.

And the fact that Ken Bruen called my piece a gem, well, baby, hit me with those brass knuckles one more time.

1 comment:

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I see the bloody marks all over your face -- of gettin' hit with those brass knuckles waaaaay too many times jump jivin' Jack Bates! The Flying Trunk soared and then flew outta da park -- bottom of the ninth, bases-loaded, grandslam kinda stuff.

Mixed metaphors of grandtanding aside, I'm prouder than Santa crossin' everything off his list to be flinging my YOU DIRTY RATS along with these noirtorious crime-slingers.

... Santa, I've been good this year, but this Grimm Tales book rocks so bad hard it's a crime! A clever crime.

And there's a grin in it a minute! Thanks John Kenyon. Thanks Untreed Reads, Thanks great Bates, Thanks Santa ~ Now dash away, dash away, dash away all. Hook GRIMM TALES up to your e-reader's beckon-call.

~ Absolutely*Kate,
AT THE BIJOU and beyond

~ Believing in Believers
and the quantum-cool of great authors