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Monday, April 2, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenge

It's April so it's time for another challenge.

Here are the protocols:
1) Use the photo on the site:
2) 750 words or less
3) Please don't plagiarize
4) Get it back to me within the next two weeks or sooner
5) With the authors' permission, stories get posted at Flash Jab Fiction
6) This is a writer's exercise done for fun; no fees, no pay. You get a byline and you keep the all rights. (Please notify me if you sell it so I can yank it from the blog.)
7) Embed the story in an email and shoot it to me at (Bloody Knuckles reserves the right to post or not to post a story.)

Flash Jab Fiction, Bloody Knuckles, and The Hard Nosed Sleuth reserve the right not to post submissions. This is an adult fiction site but there are limitations to what I can run. No bigotry, pornography, or anything featuring the exploitation of children will be considered.

BLATANT SELF PROMOTION CORNER: Gerald So is running my crime poem 'Suspect has a History' this week to celebrate National Poetry Month. Click The 5-2 Crime Blog to read or listen to it.

BLATANTLY SELF PROMOTING IN ANOTHER CORNER: The first issue of GRIFT Magazine has hit the virtual stands. It includes an amazing line up of Lawrence Block, Ken Bruen, and me.

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