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Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Story Up @ Flash Jab

Way back in June, I posted a challenge to the members of an online writing group of which I am a member. I'd watched a series of noir films on TMC and was taking notice of the great performances put in my the ancillary character actors. The idea occurred to me to take one of these background plot-advancers and move him or her to the front.

So I created Mildred Morning, a sixty-something spinster with a somewhat nefarious past. I tried to keep her as simple as possible so anyone who wanted to contribute could add to Miss Morning's development. The basic idea was Miss Marple meets Sam Spade.

Fellow collaborator Kaye George took a stab at it. Below is her contribution. Give it a read. I think you'll enjoy! Here's the link:

BLATANT SELF PROMOTION CORNER: The Lily Dair three parts series is complete and available at smashwords ( These are a new breed of electronic entertainment from Grit City Publications. Graphic artists are used to create computer imagery that enhances the mood of the story. For a better explanation, check out Grit City Books (

BLATANT SELF PROMOTION CORNER TWO: The latest story in the life of Detroit's slacker PI Harry Landers has been released by Mind Wings Audio. MEATBALLS and MURDER puts Harry in the middle of a deadly restaurant feud in Detroit's Little Italy, which is a fictional location. Don't try to visit it.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: About four years ago I started pushing Hard Boiled Guy/ B-Girl Day where everyone dresses like a noir movie character and talks in slang. I figured if it could be done for pirates, it could be done for pulp characters. Here's a website for slang: The date to celebrate is October 18.

Finally, I apologize for not responding quicker to your responses. I've been trying to send these emails about once a month and that's about how often I check this email. If you ever have a story you'd like considered for Flash Jab, shoot it to me at I prefer something in the 500-750 range. Thanks!

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