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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On Dangerous Ground

I like to stink myself up.

So says the platinum blonde getting the third degree from Robert Ryan. On Dangerous Ground premiered in 1951. It's as gritty and pulpy as some of the great hard boiled features of an era of tough talk and over the top acting. Over the top by today's standards.

Robert Ryan plays detective Jimmy Wilson, a cop with anger issues. When a two bit thug challenges him in a very submissive way, Wilson smacks the crap out him. The beating is apparently so bad, the con goes into the police station with a jacket over his face. Later, Wilson is confronted with a civil suit for rupturing the guy's bladder. Wilson's chief gives him a good old days speech and tells him to lighten up. Not even an hour later he's back to roughing up the bad guys.

When one of partners tells him he's out of control, Wilson gets sent to investigate a murder where he meets a blind gal played by the great Issue Lupino. Is this his last chance for redemption?

This is classic Noir. Ryan and Lupino are great together. Ed Begley and Ward Bond help round out a solid supporting cast.

4 out of 5 slugs.

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