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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hard-Boiled Detective/B-Girl Day


Long before I knew about Bouchercon, I started posting around places about my idea for a national 'Talk like a Hard-Boiled Detective or a B-Girl' Day, like that 'Talk like a Pirate Day' that everyone was talking about. I was putting it together and looked at first my birthday, but thought that was too much so I went for October 18, which turns out to be the release date of The Maltese Falcon.

So now I'm going to campaign for it at Bouchercon in Indy. Hell, maybe I'll even throw a party at at it.

There's a dozen or so slang sights out here. Drop 'hard-boiled slang' into the search engine of your choice and do a little digging. Otherwise, click here to be taken to one. And don't be a wise apple. I'm not giving you a bum steer, catch my drift?

Celebrate it annually on October 18.

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