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Friday, November 20, 2009

MWA First Novel

Finally got my entry forms today. It came with my 'mystery' reader's name and address. This is kind of exciting. I look back and remember writing stories in first grade that held my peers attention. I won a Young Authors event. I started taking myself seriously in high school. I'm now 48 but refuse to give up on the dream. I'm just wondering when the dream became a reality or if it was always a reality. I think I dream of going full time, but I still like my day job, even if it at times it seems there is a conspiracy to eradicate public educators the way the Terminators went after Sarah Connors.

I'm at 55k words. I need 60k. I have time, I tell myself, to finish, to proof, to rewrite, and to finish again.

I do.

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