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Sunday, November 29, 2009

No. 9

Only the Dead Will Whisper becomes the ninth in the Harry Landers series. The publisher calls them episodes. That's cool with me.

This particular episode takes place in the Upper Peninsula, a favorite locale of mine to use as a back drop. Harry gets an email from an ex-lover who needs his help in locating her missing husband, a ranger in the Hiawatha National Forest. A year has passed since she last saw him and her faith in the local law enforcement agency is waining. A search for Michigan private eyes leads her back to Harry.

I don't have any idea when the release date will be, though. The next in the production room is The Girl with the Dragon Wing Eyes, the one about the nineteen year old runaway with ties to less than reputable characters on the renaissance festival circuit. Harry gets called in to see if he can bring her home.

Still in the wings are The Udjat Eye, Satan's School for Scandal, and my favorite so far, Lake Solitude. It creeped me out the most as I was writing it.

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