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Monday, January 16, 2012

Micro Interview: Absolute*Kate

You know, there’s just no way to describe Absolute*Kate except to say you can feel the energy flowing off of her words. She runs the AT THE BIJOU blog spot and draws in some of the masters of crime fiction and thrillers to provide the entertainment. Here’s her take on being a part of GRIMM TALES.

HARD NOSED SLEUTH: Whew! Your tale is a wild ride. I couldn't help but see it in black and white images with the golden age tough guys and b-girls. Talk about your noir slant.

Absolutely*Kate: Well thanks a heap Jack. A dame likes to feel the cool, free wind in her hair, life without care and the capacity to play her Rat Pack tunes good and loud, while taking tough lug fellers like you on wild rides. What's the adventure to Life without wild rides? That'd be like askin' for a damn good cup o'joe and gettin' served up decaf. Y'know?
OH ~ You mean my tale in our illustrious Grimm Tales ~ "YOU DIRTY RATS"? Yeah, yeah, sure, sure -- Scribin' that one out was a wild ride in itself. Mostly 'cause once my character took off his fedora and scratched the ponder of his noggin, he knew more was off . . . than just his good lookin' hat on that godforsaken bar. He's a cool cat, Jack Piper is. He's a fixer. And to write that piece, I had to listen tight to that Jack rattle around both thoughts and wisecracks all at the same time. Most of the times, trying to hold my laughter in so's I could keep up with his rat-a-tat-take-no-jive pace at the keyboard, I marveled at just how smooth and dapper he tried to appear in every scene. Perhaps a little jaggedy around the Bogart edges, Piper could still case a joint and size up the action AND the possibilities coming at him in no seconds flat. Good thing he was packin' a magic harmonica to keep things attuned when the bimbettes and bouncers and bad guys got too big with their game though. Double-dealing, double-crossin', double-timing floozies and a run-away riverboat? Ooooh baby, Jack Piper had his hands filled more than his hootch tumbler . . . and the music just kept playin, huh?
Yeah Bub, You ain't blowin' smoke outta dat Lucky Strike that we, all my cool crazy characters and me, didn't see Noir swirlin' up 'round da docks. We had all the makins of seedy underworld, corrupt ambiguities, femme fatales, high-rollers and down-on-their- luckers with perhaps someone to root for all along. I just watched 'em close, listened tight and tip, tap, typed all through several nights. They took me for the ride.

HNS: How did you get involved in the project?

Absolutely*Kate: How's any cat slink into a good hidey hole? Our chief there, John Kenyon, left the door open at THINGS I'D RATHER BE DOING and I followed my new crime-buddy Sean Patrick Reardon, right on in. Saw Beetner in the corner oiling up his ammo and a new hero Patti Abbot I'd recognized from thrill of Brazill days, being tough as classy does. I knew with those aces in the pack the ante was up. I'd met a slew of youse guys when DO SOME DAMAGE asked Santa for Christmas crime-tales last year. My Detective Nelle Callahan held her gal gumshoe gumption in the midst of tough varmints like you and that swaggering AJ Hayes and Julie Morrigan and Seana Graham in "JiNGLE NELLE, JiNGLE NELLE". Since I really liked youse guys - how you all raise the bar on each other, and I wanted to gun higher in that smoky B&W genre, I gulped my bravado and sashayed right in. Kenyon wasn't lookin' and I've come to discover that good ol' Nigel Bird was actually pretty kind inside (Shhhh), and would right you if you wobbled. I didn't wobble, but it sure got cool knowin' each of you authors through your words. Many times I was blown away - I think lurid Loren did that, as I know our gripping readers of Grimm Tales shall be, page after good and gruesome page.

BK: I ask this of all my first time interviewees: When did you know you were a writer?

Absolutely*Kate: Gulp. A virgin interviewee in the lair of Bloody Knuckles. Yikes!
When did I know though? At the time of the 64 Crayolas. Grew up in small town Ohio before comin' to the confluence of two rivers in Connecticut where the writing and the ideas and the cross-promotion of authors on the rise keeps flowin' and flowin. Early life was the kind of love and laughter that never knows a challenge to be anything but a strive to head smack into. I did. Often and creatively. Mom was a part-time news reporter and artist. Both grandfathers were expressive rebels and good storytellers. My Dad, my hero, rallied good people as the true enrichments we'll always know in this here world. He took me to a restaurant on my 16th birthday called Moxie's. I ate that up and always keep some moxie kickin' around.
I've worked magazines, started newspapers, been on every arts, culture and tourism board in the city that hosts ESPN and worked behind the scenes in political log rolling fervently, while seeing my great kiddos soar into their own lives. Had my own advertising agency and PR firm and for the past pack of years it's been my time to roll all that into something that turns pages or scrolls ebooks and ultimately gives back -- a thought, a grinn, a wondering, hell - a guffaw is superb.
I run a virtual theatre for the mind joint, AT THE BIJOU, while I play with my other best pals -- words. We've done a Rat Pack Revue there when Robert J Randisi agreed to let me put a star up on his door. Now we're doing what's amounting to a NOIRathon -- three months straight and talented authors still lined up on streets. I wanta give back, Jack. Use all the guts and gumption I've been given to help authors take authors the higher. That's what we're doin' now, what John Kenyon threw out in a pitch and Jay Hartman batted around the outfield.
Let's grandslam our great Grimm Tales book Jack, shall we?

That Jack Guy: Thanks, doll!

Absolutely*Kate: (on tip toes ... plantin' a smooch to the side o'your face) Thank you kindly sir. You're tough as bullets, but you're damn cool too. And that's a fact, Jack.

BLATANT SELF PROMOTION CORNER: I joined another networking site! There’s just not enough networking to do! Check out my spot at the Independent Author Network:


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KjM said...

That *Kate is exhausting - and exhilarating, and a "gosh darn it all to heck" terrific promoter of writers and writing.

And a mean gal with a keyboard too.

Great interview - and great interviewee, but you knew that last bit already, didn't you.

Good to hear *Kate in her own words. Always.

Anonymous said...

Tip: watch out for dat stilleto in da dame's garter (an' I don't mean a Manolo Blahnik Eight Inch Red Ragin Cajun Crimson Stilleto neither. I mean dat one you get from de center fold ads in Popular Detective Magazine. You know, push de button and SPROINNNNNNG!eight inchs of murder at yer trote.) Cause, if she don't cut ya ta pieces wit her wit, well den, dat doll's always got her . . . options. Cool.

Julie Lewthwaite said...

Great stuff, Kate, really enjoyed that. Good to hear you answering the questions for a change - loving the insights we get here. Nice work, dollface.

Carrie Clevenger said...

LOVED this interview!!!

Wendy said...

Flamboyant, pizzazzy, and a little Moxie history all folded in a grand gig! xo

Kevin Michaels said...

Great stuff - full of the usual energy, bravado, and fun wordplay we've come to expect from anything Kate has her hands in (did I mention that she's also an excellent writer as well as a premier promoter and publisher).

And it's good to see Kate in the cross hairs for a change!

Jack Bates said...

Yeah it was a treat hearing from ya, doll.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

A TREAT? Gosh darn it Jack Bates -- You didn't tell this supremely cool audience how you had me handcuffed to that splintery chair in the back room, bringing in takeout from Wendy's for nourishment all weekend. Sheeesh -- at least you had the soft part o'your hard heart to leave the radio on in the corner -- Motown tunes from Deeetroit are always so damn fine.

So's the compatriots here at Jack's award-winning HARD-NOSE SLEUTH Bar & Get Grilled, that I'm proud as Butch & Cassidy on a good day to know and groove with. Authoring ~ in GRIMM TALES (available below in Jack's handy click-it place), with my gal gumshoe of gumption, Detective Nelle Callahan and all the raucous rolling going on with The Shadows of Our Noir over AT THE BIJOU . . . well, it just makes my grinnnn hurt, it jabs out so far. Grace o'my thanks Jack'o'MoTown Bates ... for being my first. *wink*

~ Absolutely*Kate,
Author of "YOU DIRTY RATS" in Grimm Tales, from Untreed Publishing

Chatelaine AT THE BIJOU ~ "where Writers' Raves are Readers' Faves"
Captain sailing in new waves, HARBINGER*33
and bon vivant around WebTowne

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Most def it's diff on the cross hairs side pally. More so as Jack's sure a sure shot. But I made it through ... and YOU showed up. Wowzers. Thanks Man -- means a tremendous damn much, especially that cool 'energy-bravado' stuff you threw in. ;-)

(Not as much as I wished the Steelers were in the playoffs longer than the Ravens . . . but hey, you know) ~ Absolutely*Kate

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Aw Shoogs ~ You touch heartstrings like some dazzlin' divas pluck harps - the sensations carry others far, far along. My shy side loves that 'flamboyant' fling. Thank*you so very much for showin' up at my very first interview - I think YOU know how much your friendship means to me moxie'ing along.

~ Absolutely*Kate, smilin' since you're mischievously wearin' that hat you stole from Mae West - she's gonna be pissed y'know

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Carrie, Carrie, scary Carrie . . . always a gazillion thangs to do with your Fang and publishing glory, yet you rambled over her to Jack's joint to witness my first interview. You rock where it matters Lady. Grace o'my thanks . . . and . . . when's our next drinkin-pool game?

~ Absolutely*Kate ... grinnin' large

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

JOOLS! Takes a classy dame to push her way into Jack's jiving joint to spiff up this pigsty. HOW TREMENDOUSLY GLAD I AM TO SEE YOUR FACE! (After all, you schmooozed Jack for the key to the handcuffs).

Seems to me that crime-authoring along with the likes of YOU just a lonnnnnnng year ago is how some of this splendid shoot-em-up spree got started. Fondly, shall I recall it as our legendary historee. Insights? Nah - just me being me in the company of how the really great authors soar authors all the more. So very much of what true successes (in the gut) are all about. You're all about that Jools. Grace o'my thanks ... and ... *clink*.

~ Absolutely*Kate, your fan and pal where words go celestial

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

OH CLYDE ... I mean ~ Fedora Fella o'finesse ~ You're always stylin' where words go on a big heist. The minute you walked into my joint I could tell you were a Real Big Spender ~ of Life, of Laughter, of Learning and Living to the hilt and takin' on so very many fortunate author'folk in the crest o'waves that always surrounds ya. Not that I'm sayin' you can walk on water or anything -- you're still a dirty bum when a getaway car requires a wise guy ridin' shotgun -- but man oh man - you're welcome in my Lincoln any spree day. Here's lookin' atcha Schweetheart ... in so many shared ways ... of writing and McKuen and caring and scaring up good times.

Softly, (with teal heels making their points)
~ Absolutely*Kate, savin' our table at BirdLand

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Well "gosh darn it all to heck" rightbackatcha Mr Mackey the Haiku prince of good tidings. Irish charm? You've got it in hearts and clubs and spades and I feel like I'm dealin' diamonds whenever we put our cards on the table in writing and sighting what's finer and finer in the world all around us.

I SO appreci'kate you're being in the same world we dance in, and I truly know our character Carolina Beatrice Templeton in our novel of 2012 ~ THE 1976 SOCIETY, shall bring us to meet and *clink* and laugh and conjure further capers ... at the Carlyle.

~ Exhilarating,huh? Hmmm
~ Absolutely*Kate ... energizing up for my next grand scheme with you -- DID YOU FOLKS CATCH THIS CAT SWINGING NOIR-HAIKU over AT THE BIJOU?

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


Watch for AJ HAYES as cunning co-author to our novel to shake the world on its ass and axis in 2012 ~ SPY-SIDE ECONOMICS. It ain't your Dick Tracy story, boys and girls.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


When fairytales go on a crime-spree . . . and editor JOHN KENYON of Grift Magazine meets high up on the low down with publisher JAY HARTMAN of Untreed Publishing ... you get ~ GRIMM TALES.

What you also get is a fantasy-ride to places your mind didn't know it could find its way back to again ~ Take JACK BATES and his amazing tale "THE FLYING TRUNK" ... Throw in generous dazzling dashes of PATTI ABBOT ... ERIC BEETNER ... NIGEL BIRD ... LOREN EATON ... KAYE GEORGE ... BLU GILLIAND ... SEANNA GRAHAM ... ERIK GUMENY ... R.L. KELSTROM ... JOHN KENYON ... BV LAWSON ... EVAN LEWIS ... B. NAGEL ... SEAN PATRICK REARSON (who got me in with this gang) ... SEANNA SEAMONS ... and me, ABSOLUTELY*KATE with "YOU DIRTY RATS" -- well, you just gotta pour a lot of fine libation to drink all of that down.

You folks got your copy yet?


Love ya, man - thanks for the tunes & the opportunity. You're aces in a stacked deck
~ A*K

pattinase (abbott) said...

I can feel Absolutely Kate's energy bubbling across the Internet!

Matthew S. Magda said...

The lively, ebullient word-play is at the center of Absolutely Kate's being. It flows like water, refreshing, unpredictable, exciting and entrancing. At the heart of the interview, one sees the source of the spark that lit the fire that is Kate: her mom and dad. They set free a beautiful mind and spirit, and gave it strength and direction. It is the love they gave her that inspired her special protean quality.

Kate that is you.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's late, Kate, mate, but that was great. That's a about as poetic I get at 2.00 am! :-)

You ooze class, chick, with your vibrant prose 'n' sisterly nature. Nice début interview - wouldn't have missed it for the world.

'Speak' soon, hun.


Ps. Nice site, Jack.

seana graham said...

A*Kate, yours is some of the funnest I've ever read. You have a unique voice, and we are so lucky to have you in our Grimm ensemble.